Posted by Chuck Church on May 24, 2018
Meeting Recap 05/23/18
The Rotary Club of Palmdale conducted their weekly meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant in Palmdale on 23 May 2018.  The meeting was called to order by Sam Garcia at 6:36 PM.  Members in attendance were: Chuck Church, Tina Borzage, Yolanda Risch and Sam Garcia.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began at 7:00.
Club Members received an update on David Maddock.  Dave is at home.  He is undergoing dialysis treatments three times a week.  He is getting stronger.  He can take up to 20 steps in one direction and 20 steps back with the aid of his walker.    
President Sam Garcia has reviewed the response letter to Pauline East.  He will sign the letter and make copies for our files before sending the response to Pauline.    
Sam Garcia reviewed the weekly emails from District and International.  The focus is on the upcoming Super Build below the border in Mexico.  Volunteers are needed.  Funds have been made available for two homes to be built.  Tina will send a list of needed items to Sam to see what can be donated. 
Old Business:      
     There was no Old Business. 
New Business: 
     There was no New Business.      

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.